By introducing an incredible new composition that combines immaculate precision and emotion – With a soundtrack of weight, volume, and intensity united for the cause, Q Nitty’s “Things Change” injects purpose, provocation, and power into the hip hop scene.

Q Nitty skillfully weaves in the building pieces of accessible hip hop while taking a totally different approach to performance, composition, and sound design. “Things Change” stands out for these traits, ranging from softly fascinating to aggressively passionate and vibrant as the layers and delivery deepen.

Musically, “Things Change” begins things off, and the production immediately appeals. Uplifting dance flavors combine with weight and richness in an artistically engaging universe of growing energy.

The vocal enters the scene and redirects the action, adding an unmistakable outburst or stream of consciousness to the proceedings and putting a light on the ideas and sentiments that led to it all.

Melodically new, musically fascinating, and delicate all at once – with flawless vocals from Q Nitty that seem to wander effortlessly yet with unwavering confidence and flair through the song’s different stages.

The composition injects a degree of boldly hypnotic synth play and power into the party anthems of modern, alternative presence through the dreamier, more uplifting, and reflective follow-up.

There are so many nuances to enjoy, in fact, that with each revisit, some new element, moment, or notion emerges, and the music’s escape implies something else.

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