HBO’s new series The Idol might not be a favorite with the critics (which is a kind understatement), but Abel “The Weeknd” Tesfaye can take comfort in the fact that selections from its soundtrack have become mini events each new music Friday.


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Less than a month after “Popular” dropped, the Weeknd’s surprise collab with Queen of Pop Madonna and rage rap pioneer Playboi Carti, we’re getting a new Weeknd collab; this one is with BLACKPINK’s Jennie and actress Lily-Rose Depp, both of whom join Tesfaye on the fame-skewering series.

“One of the Girls” is a down-tempo, emotionally harrowing song about control, fame, desire and Stockholm syndrome (“F–k me up and throw away the key) that will appear on the full soundtrack to the series, which drops June 30. The song directly tips to the show’s plot, which features Tesfaye as a cult leader and Depp as the pop star he has his sights set on. “Hands on my neck while you push it up,” she sings, a tie-in to the shows numerous choking-related sex scenes. “Force me and choke me ‘til I pass out,” the Weeknd adds

“There’s nothing sexy about it,” Tesfaye previously told GQ of the sex-filled show. “With this show, we love to play with the emotions. We’re puppet-mastering your feelings through the show.”

“One of the Girls” marks JENNIE’s first official solo release since 2018, when the BLACKPINK singer released the aptly titled “Solo” (2022 also saw her appear in Grimes’ “Shinigami Eyes” video). Depp, who plays the pop star lead in The Idol, naturally sings throughout the series; so far we’ve heard her on “World Class Sinner” and “Fill the Void” with the Weeknd and Ramsey.

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