The War Within is a fresh face to the contemporary Christian music scene. John Harter is a gifted songwriter who has honed his craft by fusing the vitality of indie pop with the great melodies of modern CCM and other influences.

The War Within is more than just another generic musical act, and that’s what sets it apart. He has worked hard to develop his own unique style, letting his personal experiences and feelings inform the content of his songs rather than falling back on tired clichés and formulas. Because of John’s powerful and approachable persona as a singer and songwriter, this is not only a fantastic way for artists to get a distinctive sound, but also a fantastic chance for The War Within to become a household name.

His music has its origins in the worship music scene, but it also has a unique quality that sets it apart. The artist’s lyrics and melodies are, as the project’s name suggests, haunting and dark. Some of the artists in this group put a strong emphasis on the positive, praising God and the vibrant beauty of his love. Don’t get me wrong, I think these artists are doing fantastic work, and I appreciate what they’re creating.

Every single one of us has our share of difficulties. Jesus, the most righteous man who ever lived, fought his own “war within” when he was tempted by the devil in the desert. Even after fasting for 40 days and 40 nights, Jesus was tempted by Satan with many earthly delights. It wasn’t an easy fight, and many people deal with difficulties like that every day. The good news is that God encourages us all to draw courage from Jesus and wisdom from his example as we struggle with our own personal demons. Having faith in Christ gives us something to hold on to even when times are tough and the odds seem stacked against us.

The EP “Stone Heart” was just released, and it features four brand new songs written by the artist that delve into profound, inward themes. This album exemplifies the art of thoughtful Christian songwriting and production by striking a perfect balance between accessibility and originality. The War Within also released an album titled here/after, which featured cover versions of their previous material. There are 40 songs on the album, a significant number when you consider Jesus’ temptation in the desert. Whether or not the album’s title was chosen for its spiritual significance, it is still an incredibly moving and inspiring undertaking. Given the anxiety and hardship caused by the worldwide COVID-19 pandemic, the release of here/after couldn’t have come at a better time for listeners.

The War Within has made it clear that they are willing to support and work with other artists in the worship music community, despite the fact that opportunities for coming together and collaborating are limited. These creatives haven’t given up because they’ve been encouraged by their faith to make something bigger than themselves.

This album cover is something truly unique. This new Christian album puts heart and soul into its core concept. If you like the music of influential groups like Hillsong, Bethel, or Elevation Worship, you’ll probably dig this.

At this point, it is safe to say that The War Within has been going strong since its inception. The act has had a string of hits with excellent albums, and his discography is so expansive that it includes everything from catchy new hooks to driving melodies and rhythms.

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