Crisp and clear vocals lead us throughout this emotive and spacious soundscape and song, blending metaphor, and intimacy in a classically hypnotic way. KD drives with a voice born to seduce with these smooth RnB melodies and delicate ambiances. The Ugly Truth intrigues from the offset for the sheer clarity and soul of the sound, yet it goes on to envelop listeners in a wholly rhythmic, increasingly inviting groove and mood. Quickly progressing from good to great, The Ugly Truth evolves to welcome in an addictively memorable hook section – the rhythm switch engages, and resolves the seemingly free-style, meandering nature of the verses. KD is a creative hip-hop artist from South Carolina. 

KD is known for his hip hop/soul music which helps listeners to get through tough times. His world play is really strong. combination of his vocals and melody the story he tells from his song is loud and clear. Contrast is utilized to a fine degree, and this allows the space to connect and provoke interest, and the fuller moments to uplift and energize with passion and unity alike. A single listen isn’t enough for you to understand the song completely.


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