Scott Messina offers up a stylish bit of Holiday Music alongside a smooth and easy to get into an awesome masterpiece that highlights his skills for songwriting and his passion for performance. The song is beautifully mellow yet notably soulful. The artist’s leading vocal performance has a wonderful warmth and strength to it, and the song is well written with just enough of that quirky, unique sense of character to really make it stand out.

Scott Messina is a talented artist who is from the Washington DC Area. He is a record and tv producer and has written and recorded an instant classic for the holidays, alongside award-winning songwriter and recording artist Eric Scott. “The Thanksgiving Song” is a time to relax, listen, reflect and be grateful for all the good things in your life. The track has a big sound, it builds in a gradual yet striking way, and this is something that gives it that very organic, real sound. There are also certain quieter moments within the track that show the softer side of the songwriting, the gentler side of Scott Messina’s artistry.

The songwriting has something notably unusual about it, and this is the main thing to strike hard from the new track – you’re likely to find yourself hanging on those words, reading through the lyrics even, and wondering what inspired it all. The song has an interesting array of lyricism and it features a really appealing use of phrasing – the shorter lyrical moments contrast well with the somewhat more complex ones as well.

It’s a sensational song, brilliantly crafted, accessible to all yet with enough of that side-substance, those unpredictable edges of artistry, to really make it something special. The final few moments make for an incredible audio experience but it only holds the most impact when listened to in full, in its rightful place at the summit of the songwriting.

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