Smooth vibrations and soulful vocals wash through the speakers in waves of warmth for the duo Scott Messina and Eric Scott’s new hit “The Thanksgiving Song.”

For more than two decades, Scott Messina has been a performer, producer, host, entrepreneur, and one of the country’s most known MC/DJs.

Scott Messina, who was born in Washington, DC, understood from the age of twelve that he would have a successful career in the entertainment industry. Messina continues to develop, produce, create, and perform at a breakneck speed, from making and performing at high-profile celebrity events, film premieres, and conventions to inventing new music, television, and website projects.

Scott Messina stands out as a soulful songwriter and performer with a defiant edge of self-confidence and a carefree attitude, providing the ultimate anthem and honesty for Holiday Music fans to truly enjoy.

You want to memorize and unite with the vocalists in their outcries of being over it, follow the twisting tone and melody of the vocal – all over its infinite highs and lows – and follow the meandering style and piece of the song throughout its limitless highs and lows.

A laid-back groove that isn’t in a hurry to get things done, a song that thoroughly enjoys the moment and praises this concept in the process. “The Thanksgiving Song” features some magnificent vocals, as well as traditional Holiday genres that pay homage to the legendary vocalists of the 1990s.

It’s not a vocally focused song, though, not like an RnB hit might be – instead, it creates a vibe, blending the instrumental and the voices in a natural, hypnotic fashion.

In a nutshell, it’s a lovely song that clocks in at just under four minutes and isn’t even a second too long. Blissful sound design and exquisite vocals combine with fresh, thoughtful lyrics to create something genuinely original while firmly anchored in a more specific period’s famous classics.

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