The Streets Watching” is an effectively melodic, electronic hip hop -inspired piece of EDM that offers up a distinct set of riffs from somewhat retro synths, as well as a string of simple yet provocative soundscape that drive the sentiment of the song and its mood with a touch of all important humanity.

The original track showcases artist and producer “Marcissus” as a creator of colorful, rhythmic music that brings back an element of times gone by, and all the while fuses it with a very sharp and energetic touch of today. His awareness of structure when composing is worth pointing out – the song doesn’t simply play and play like many releases have done in the past, it takes the moment and turns it into a relevant means of expression, for wherever the emotion of the song is at that time.

Marcissus ‘ hook is what kicks things off on this release, the concept takes shape a little later on, but this melodic, multi-instrumental moment has a lot of volume to it. The opening riff of the song works well and really adds to that classic or vintage hip hop feel – it brings a fairly haunting ambiance about, as well as giving you something to really recognise the track by. Then when it comes to the production, the expression, Marcissus doesn’t hold back – the soundscape appear as genuine thoughts and experiences, presented in an authentic and believable way; the sort of music that means something to the artist first, therefore striking as a little more poignant for those who witness it.

Musically, the song has been composed with a number of contributions from talented creatives – the resulting soundscape is loaded with moments and riffs and varying instruments and effects. From a songwriting perspective though, it is indeed the lyrics of the song that lead the way. Marcissus  has produced from the heart while simultaneously touching upon issues of the mind; it’s well balanced, and it works.

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