Fischer’s Flicker continues to impress with their latest release “The Observer.” The track features a sensational backdrop, blissfully ambient and spacious with a thick and somewhat distant beat running consistently behind it. The mood set by the instrumentation alone is enough to soothe an unsettled mind. Add to this the now-familiar sound of the artist’s voice, the gentle and heavy presentation of these lyrics, almost whispered to you on occasion, beautifully passionate at every moment, and flawlessly integrated within the mix.

Fischer’s Flicker is the musical brainchild of songwriter, musician, and native Chicagoan, Scott Fischer.  Fischer has been writing and performing music since his teenage years, and not just any music- inside Fischer’s brain lurks a colorfully symphonic amusement park.  Attractions include full albums filled with satirical and humorous lyrics, rock operas, rich musical tapestries, and metaphorical trips down the memory lane of a mad scientist composer.  A thrilling ride as both spectator and participant, Fischer’s Flicker’s music inspires with big melodies and ambitious composition, taking you on a wildly impassioned journey.

The track has an attitude, a strong and confident sort of style that hits with seemingly effortless power. Fischer’s Flicker’s flow throughout is varied and underlines a number of different abilities, including that of a more melodic delivery rather than purely heavy metal. The energy and passion are consistent, as is the wordplay – always keeping things fresh and interesting. There’s a good balance between storytelling and personality, the two fuse well among the musical backdrop and make for what is a striking and easy to get into a piece of modern heavy metal.

The Observer” is really well produced, and The vocal performance shines brightly among everything else, not over-shadowing the vibe of the music, but not being placed too distantly within the mix either. Balance is crucial in the video, and in this case, the track sounds exactly as you’d hope. The collaboration makes a lot of sense and the results speak volumes for that.

The single is well-produced and polished so as to let the brightness of heavy metalwork be magic, yet without sacrificing the depth of the songwriting. You’re inclined to follow the lyrics and the melody along as you listen, leading you up to those huge amazing soundscapes, and everything that comes to pass draws your focus in some unexpected or unpredictable way. The hopefulness and the positivity are the driving forces behind this release – hopefully, it’s the sort of passion and optimism that will appear in all of the artist’s music from here on in.

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