Fcf venom ’s The Intro” is a bright and energetic rap song. It takes a touch of musical creativity and fuses it with a string of lyrics that partly infuse energy and a desire to dance. Fcf venom is a well-talented musician from Visalia ca. Having a true passion for music this awesome soul always wanted to do something unique and bright. 

The spacious element of the track is notable as it comes through in a somewhat live-sounding arena, not overwhelming listeners with weight or distortion, but showcasing each performance under a bright and flattering spotlight. From the leading vocal performance to the soundscape to the rhythm, the release is soaked in upbeat energy and a clear appreciation for the rap genre and all of its warmth.

The creativity underlined on this release is distinctly unusual. The opening few moments hit with impact due to the energy and sharpness of the beat, something which feeds into the song’s concept and title pretty effectively. The song slams into action, and as things progress, more and more of the unexpected beings step up to the stage. There’s a strong utilization of structure at every turn, and wherever the moment takes things musically, Fcf venoms’ voice effortlessly accommodates it and reiterates the evolution with confidence and personality.

Structurally Fcf venom has put together a song that has a number of distinct threads to keep things familiar, yet that varies and evolves often enough to make sure that interest and attention are maintained. The lyrics come through in fairly short snippets, laying out the song’s sentiment pretty clearly. The vocal performance and the whole video presentation have a notably easy-going and fun sound and style that fits the concept and upbeat nature of the music really well. There’s a delicacy to the voice in many instances and this feeds into the organic, spacious element of the whole release.

The sound of this particular release is the sort that would work its magic at any time of year. As an artist and songwriter, Fcf venom

has a sound and style that draws you in – keeping that soul and emotion alive, storytelling in a direct and believable way, and all the while convincing you that a live performance would be more than worth venturing out into the cold for.

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