“Hartmann” has undoubtedly found a sound of his own with this single The Gun” to all the audience out there. Concept aside for a moment, the song offers multiple moments of musical strength – unique and colorful flickers of soul and emotion that pave the way effectively for the storyline and personality that follow.

This raw, Germany-inspired musicality has an organic and cool, slightly dark but appealing aura. As things progress, nothing goes quite how you might expect, the rhythm switches in the direction of rock for those verse sections, and as things evolve further – emotionally relevant splashes of rock burst onto the scene. Alongside everything is of course the artist’s leading voice, his melodic development, his passion, and those lyrics – this is where the song even more so becomes something of its own. His voice has a characterful level of depth and tone that soulfully adjusts to the changing moments and the rhythm switches in a manner that quickly gets you familiar with his sense of identity and sound.

The Gun” showcases impressive levels of creativity and professionalism intertwined. The production on the track is high class, the beat and the various, evolving layers of instrumentation take a dash of multiple genres and fuse them within this spacious, atmospheric, down-tempo Rock environment – making for something that works beautifully as a modern release, but that also offers plenty in the way of complexity and fresh appeal.

Performance-wise, this awesome artist –Hartmann offers energetic and powerful deliveries of this gently expressive and awesome writing. It’s not a song that needs bold levels of volume or anything that attempts to shock an audience, it’s one that works effectively on its own raw emotion and intentions. It’s easy to let this play as you go about your evening, but the added blessing is that if you choose to listen intently – there’s plenty of realness and loyalty to appreciate. The honest experiences that led to the track being crafted add an element of sincerity that strengthens its impact.

As suggested, Hartmann is onto something notably characterful with his music. The sheer fusion of genres within this single is superb, and far from being an incoherent jumble of styles as can sometimes be the case. The song is organic and rhythmically addictive, and Hartmann’s uniquely striking voice handles the ups and downs – the quiet and the rock – of the whole performance in a skillfully vibrant, stylish way. As the intensity rises, the weight of the music and his vocal delivery increase accordingly, letting you get swept away in the heat of the moment. Well worth a listen at volume. 

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