Ah, Spotify Wrapped. Our annual bombardment of personal musical intel that nobody asked for.

And since this is 2023, when it’s normal for people to cram their opinions down our throats like a mom spoon-feeding dry broccoli to a toddler, we’ve seen some hilarious results on social media.

But therein lies the poetic justice of social media. After Spotify launched its annual Wrapped campaign, netizens did what they did best in 2023: roast it.

Check out some of the year’s funniest Spotify Wrapped memes below.

Confused Swifties: “Says I’m in the top 0.05%… seems low?”

I swear my love for boy bands is ironic, guys.

Ugh, guess I’m listening to rainforest sounds on repeat today.

Must. Have. Spotify. Wrapped.


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