The Exception is a beautiful track, a great starting point for audiences first discovering YNS Scooby or generally looking for something fresh, loaded with good vibes and positivity. The imagery is strong from the start, lyrically speaking; the essence of opportunity unfolds around you, an air of possibility, of travel – a hopeful enthusiasm for the future. This positive energy almost immediately passes on to you as you listen to the track, and the easy-going vibe of the music makes everything feel like it will be OK. This combination of elements is a great way to draw listeners in and keep them coming back for more. Though its kinda fast lyrics make you repeat the song each time you listen to it. 

YNS Scooby is an upcoming hip-hop rap artist from Maryland. His style is unique and way different from a typical artist’s. With the quality of his work, you won’t believe he is new to the scene. That’s because he gives more than  100% in each song he makes in order to give his listeners a quality product. The music is calm and fresh and reliable – you can hope for the best kind of vibes, the confident performance, the quirky and inventive lyricism, and you’ll never be disappointed. 

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