San Antonio TX’s Sounds of Sovereignty is the creation of singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Brandon Soto. The band stands for being free from external forces (SOV·ER·EIGN·TY, SÄV(Ə)RƏN(T)Ē – “free from external reign or rule”) that allows for the expression of whatever your personal sounds of sovereignty are. “The Cell” is the recently released track by these awesome souls to rock lovers around the world. Brandon Soto has great, deep vocals and he plays the guitar in a magnificent way. Truitt Priddy nicely shows his talents by engaging with drums as well. 

This track “The Cell” is a brilliantly written and performed song of rock anthem aura; fantastic production has really brought out the great tones of the layered vocal harmonies and the guitars, so the track drops between the big and the mellow with superb smoothness, and it keeps your attention throughout – really great melodies, from verse to pre-chorus to chorus. 

An immensely impressive debut from a stand-out band, hailing from theSan Antonio TX. It’s refreshing to hear another new act from Sounds of Sovereignty that is as enthusiastic as ever about their music, yet still bringing something completely new to the game.” The Cell” is definitely one to look out for.

It’s a great song, a big song, and everything is superbly arranged and performed – a wonderful lead vocal, really strong, surrounded and supported by equally seducing and powerful harmonies. One of those songs that sounds too good to be true. The sound created within this music is something undeniably unique from the moment you first hear it. On the surface, the music featured in “The Cell” has a very organic and attractive touch.

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