The bottomline, the highly acclaimed multi-genre music project hailing from Germany, Cologne, has unleashed their latest masterpiece, “HADES,” from their studio album “FORGOTTEN STARS.” Since its release on October 28, 2022, the album has been met with resounding praise from fans and critics alike.

In “HADES,” the bottomline delves fearlessly into the complexities of human existence, exploring our tendency to shy away from our flaws and mistakes. With profound lyricism and an innovative blend of cinematic trip hop, jazz, art music, dark pop, and indie influences, the bottomline creates an emotionally charged sonic experience that transcends traditional boundaries.

Founded in 2016 by Franzis Lating and Johannes Elia Nuß, the bottomline has captivated audiences with their melancholic-sweet-cathartic sound. Their exceptional compositions, characterized by lyrical figures, polyrhythmic overlays, and Franzis’ outstanding vocals, redefine the boundaries of musical experimentation.

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