Stringflow’s brilliantly produced, little over the three-minute voyage of “The Beautiful World” begins with seductively engrossing, ecstatic dance feelings raining down from the outset.

Stringflow is devoted to spreading wonderful music to as many people as possible. That is undoubtedly his goal as an electronic music producer and a student of Kygo, Ferry Corsten, Ryan Tedder, Stevie Mackey, Nicky Romero, and Louis Bell. He immediately recognized that he enjoys melodic music, which is both beautiful and uplifting.

Stringflow first heard electronic music in 2008, when he heard Tiesto’s mix Adagio for Strings and fell in love with it right away. He primarily creates EDM and Dance music, and all of his works are melodic in nature.

Stringflow’s piercingly joyful, nostalgically engaging-house tribute “The Beautiful World” eclipses even the highest reaching of his past albums, creatively delving into a new aspect of his artistic influences.

“The Beautiful World” progresses in a fascinating and boldly honest manner, from delicate attention to detail to energizing intensity, a producer demonstrating a thorough awareness of space and time as much as music and melody.

Stringflow is a relentlessly enveloping, high-octane house track – one that carves out its own route in modern music, with deliberate and quickly innovative details interwoven. It’s far from an introduction to the artist, but it’s a considerable elevation of the name anyway.

The tune has both the threads of vocal melody and personality to attract a bigger audience – as well as basic melodic riffs to give it that instantly recognizable atmosphere – and the blissful, euphoric feeling comes up a little sooner here. “The Beautiful World” is Summer-ready and expertly mixed as always.

The fresh wave of alternative electronic music is rapidly approaching, and a fantastic video accompanies the title. Well worth a listen at full power — not for the faint of heart, but great for those preparing for a much-needed all-nighter right now.

Brilliant, refreshingly unique, engaging, and flawlessly made. Notably, a gifted and passionate artist has a distinct individuality to share with the music world.

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