Matty Healy can do it all. In the span of one show in Dublin on Wednesday night (June 7) at St. Anne’s Park, the lead singer of The 1975 managed to play two sets in the same night, take a wild swing at a musical hero while also expressing his love for him and he capped it off with a subtle humble brag about nice gifts he got from two of the world’s biggest rock stars.

Let’s start with the diss, though. As you might recall, while promoting his band’s new album, Council Skies recently, High Flying Birds leader and former Oasis co-founder Noel Gallagher was asked about Healy’s comments earlier this year begging for a Gallagher brothers reunion. As with all talk of an Oasis rapprochement, this angered Noel, who referred to Matty as a “f–king slack-jawed f–kwit.”

So, after opening for his own band with a solo “Matty” set after Caroline Polachek unexpectedly pulled out of the Dublin show due to reported vocal issues with a set of stripped-down 1975 songs and a cover of former Men At Work singer Colin Hay’s “I Just Don’t Think I’ll Ever Get Over You,” Healy got to work.

Matty addressed the crowd by casually noting that he recently got some very nice gifts from U2 singer Bono and Coldplay’s Chris Martin. “Today — honestly, this is not a namedrop, this is a celebration of them as people — Chris Martin and Bono have sent us the most beautiful messages, packages, kind of good wishes,” he said, without explaining why his fellow frontmen had reached out. “In honestly such a genuine way and it made us feel so beautiful.”

The singer — who reportedly recently split with short-term girlfriend Taylor Swift after a brief dalliance — then turned his attention to the Gallaghers and gave the battling brothers a taste of their own acid-drenched medicine. “Noel Gallagher called me a ‘slack-jawed f–kwit’… I love Noel Gallagher,” Healy said, before he began turning the knife and dragging former Oasis singer Liam Gallagher into the muck as we;;. “We asked Liam to open up and he said he would have done it but he was busy.”

And then it got real.

“But I love Noel Gallagher… He’s just getting on,” Healy snarked. “The difference between me and Noel is that I do a series of interviews to promote an album, whereas he does an album to promote a series of interviews.”

And in the final twist of the knife, Healy tripled down on his call for a long-desired Oasis reunion, adding, “But we love you, Noel. Get Oasis back together!”

Check out a fan video of the Healy moment below.

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