“RODRIGO BOLOGNA” introduces a confident and colorful approach to DJ music with the single Terminator 2”. There’s a definite level of energy and personality to the song that gives it a unique edge. Furthermore, from a soundscape perspective, the hook has a simplicity about it that hits hard and makes certain you remember and recognise it.

There’s an enjoyable structure to this release that leads you to view the artist as composers in addition to being impressive musicians. Rather than simply roaming freely with their riffs and grooves, they’ve written the piece in a detailed and thoughtful manner – setting it up as you would any other song. The varying sections add a level of familiarity as the track pours through, and this gives it a definite sense of character that you don’t always pick up on in instrumental music. There are some notably distinctive melodies throughout that are easily recognisable once you’ve heard them.

From the perspective of purely a music fan, this is precisely the kind of skillful but smooth, organic good vibes you can turn up loud and trust in to make the evening feel a little more vibrant. There’s a shared energy about the style, not dwelling too much on its own genre, just keeping things upbeat and joyful so as to bring people together in a valuable way. As a single, there are – as stated – definite moments to look out for, but on the whole it’s not something to focus on too intently; the music is there for the taking, the perfect bit of hopeful escapism. As you do form more of a connection though – to the music and indeed the band – this is a sound you’re highly likely to remember and return to.

Terminator 2 takes the reins after the opener and leads with a certain delicate ambiance, a few gentle elements pave the way quite organically – leaving room for soul and softness, which the leading voice introduces beautifully. There’s a raw sense of grit and heart to the delivery at first, and as this rises with the growing intensity of the lyrical statements, the whole thing becomes heavier and more striking.

The concept here connects in a profound way, it’s personal but it reaches out to relate to its audience in a widely accessible manner. 

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