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Normani is entering her next chapter. The singer teamed with Bose to give fans a preview of her new single “Candy Paint” in a dance-themed commercial dropping Thursday (June 15).

“I’m really excited to partner with Bose, especially going into this new chapter,” Normani told Billboard during a phone interview on Wednesday (June 14). “In terms of my career and my music, I know the wait has been extensive but it’s definitely going to be worth it, and I just feel like the partnership couldn’t have come at a better time.

“It just felt like it was so in alignment with where I am musically and creatively,” she explained. “The Bose team [were] really hands on and allowed me to be hands on and take leadership in terms of the creativity. It just felt authentic and enjoyable, honestly. It was probably one of the most seamless experiences [for a partnership] thus far. It was fun! The energy was great the day of [the shoot] and it just felt easy.”

The Bose visual takes viewers on a trip through Normani’s creative process, from jotting down lyrics to recording and coming up with choreography — all while sporting Bose Quiet Comfort headphones and Quiet Comfort earbuds. In some of the more personal moments, Normani opens up about misconceptions people have about her and striving to be her most “authentic” self.

The visual will appear on and the brand’s social media accounts.

“At Bose, we’re a community of music lovers, and we partner with artists to help showcase the power of sound during the moments in their career that matter the most,” said Jack Daley, VP, global media & partnerships at Bose. “Like her music, Normani is a force in the industry — we’re excited to premiere this track with her and for what our relationship will hold in the year ahead.”

Normani spoke further with Billboard about what she enjoyed most about the Bose collaboration, the inspiration behind “Candy Paint,” and what the next chapter looks like.

Billboard: What inspired ‘Candy Paint?’

Normani: It’s Texas, all the way! I really wanted to create a record that allowed me to show my personality. I feel like there’s a misconception; it probably has everything to do with my social media. [Laughs] I think that people think I’m so serious, which is the complete opposite [of me]. Anybody that really knows me knows that I’m really funny. I’m a goofball! I love to twerk. [Laughs] I’m just regular. I really wanted to create a record that encompassed that and allowed my personality to shine. It’s a performance record first, which I know my fans have been waiting for, for a very long time. It’s fun, energetic, bossy. It’s bold. It’s sassy but assertive, and yeah, I’m really excited to shoot the music video.

How long did it take to put together?

I would say it came pretty quickly. I had been working with Starrah, who I’ve been working very closely with just on the project overall, I feel like she knows me better than anybody. And the cool thing is we’re able to push each other. The idea came organically. I remember playing it at an event — my family and friends were there, and [my choreographer] was like, “Should we play it?” We ended up teasing it, and it was undeniable! We were like, “OK, this is it! This is the one!”




What I love about the Bose spot is that it feels very authentic to who you are.

I’m really grateful that that’s how it was captured. Shout-out to the creative team, because you really get a peek into who I am — not only as the artist, but also me being able to wear so many different hats. I feel like a lot of people still know very little about me, and I think that through the [Bose] spot you get to know a little bit more.

I learned that you moved from New Orleans to Houston after Hurricane Katrina. I didn’t know that!

Yeah, I was 9 years old at the time. I was a baby.

It really speaks to your resilience.

Thank you. I’ve been through a lot, just in my personal life, you know? Even just talking about my parents and what they’ve been through on top of COVID and trying to get the project out I’ve just – I’ve had a lot up against me, but I always manage somehow to pull through as best as I can, and honestly that’s by the grace of God and him just giving me the strength to endure and persevere.  

You also mention trusting yourself. How has that shaped your career thus far?

I started in a girl group [Fifth Harmony] when I was 15. I remember that being one of the lowest points for me in terms of my confidence. We’re young, we’re trying to figure out who we are on top of having to do that in front of the rest of the world, while they pit us against each other, and then the things that people project on you, you kind of start to believe. Not just musically, but in my personal life, it’s easy to let those things creep in and for you to allow everybody’s perception to become your identity. But I’ve worked so hard in my adult life [over] the last two to three years. It’s a daily fight. I can’t say that every day is the same, but I’m just really intentional. I speak words of affirmation to myself. I’ve gotten a lot closer to God and I know that through that I’m able to know who I am and who I’m called to be versus the things that people put on me.

I’ve been really intentional with my time. Spending a lot more time with myself and getting to know myself and doing things anyway — even if I’m afraid. I can wholeheartedly say that through a lot of my career I know that I’ve been afraid. And that’s a vulnerable moment for me to even be honest with you and express, but yeah, just leaning into it and doing it anyway and knowing that God has a plan and it’s all going to work for my good. It’s the moments that you feel uncomfortable, the moments that you’re unsure or maybe even moments of chaos that he’s able to do what he does best and make something out of nothing.  

What would you title this next chapter?

“Transformative.” In the season of actually stepping into who I am called to be.

Check out a preview video below.

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