When it comes to his latest hip hop release, “Talking To,” LbMulah exudes complete self-assurance while also displaying a genuine passion for the music.

The singing is clear and stylishly delivered. The rhyme scheme begins with simple, mesmerizing lines and progresses to something more energetic while remaining seamlessly outstanding throughout the entire song. 

This means that your attention will be drawn to the main vocal and the changes that it undergoes as the song gains in momentum. Meanwhile, the beat generates the required positive feelings — that invigorating quality that motivates you to take action or move forward.

The music is easy to get into and let run its course on the dance floor with a lot of intensity. While at the same time, there’s something intrinsically endearing about LbMulah’s writing and vocal tone that makes them both appealing. 

You get the impression that his music results from a genuine passion for creating and for hip hop in general. You can’t manufacture that kind of connection to the art form, and this track flows effortlessly for all of these reasons and more.

When rhythm and dreamlike instrumentation are combined, the result is a hypnotic experience. But there’s something striking and passionate about the lyrical, and indeed about LbMulah’s own vocal performance, that makes this a standout track. This is accentuated even further by the video that goes along with it. 

Even if the entire thing is over and done with before the two-and-a-half-minute threshold is reached, you are confident that you have heard it and are likely to remember it even after such a brief period of time.

There is a sense of genuineness and unadulterated openness in both LbMulah’s lyrics and his performance manner. Hopes are high for more weighty vibes and brilliant, thoughtful songwriting in the years to come!

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