Prepare to be entranced by the powerful storytelling and magnetic energy of Talibann Kidd as he unveils his latest rap masterpiece, “Demon Time,” featuring the dynamic collaboration of YGB Tre. Hailing from Newberry, SC, Talibann Kidd’s lyrical prowess and commanding presence leave a lasting impression.

“Demon Time” showcases the captivating fusion of rap and hip-hop, with Talibann Kidd’s masterful flow weaving seamlessly through the mesmerizing beats. Each verse is a testament to his storytelling abilities, painting vivid pictures of life’s struggles and triumphs.

Join Talibann Kidd and YGB Tre on this sonic journey as they captivate listeners with their electrifying performance. Experience the raw emotions and infectious energy of “Demon Time” on their YouTube channel and prepare to be spellbound.

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