Taking The Reins” showcases a talented vocalist and rapper “St. JS ENCODED” with a fairly unique sound. The track itself takes a little bit from the classic rap sound, the mellow vibe, a slight hip hop influence, and fuses it with an incredibly energetic rap performance.

Taking The Reins” has an instantly notable hook about it; the key line, and the rhythm with which it’s delivered, hit hard and sink in straight away. As the track progresses, the music keeps you in a good place, the beat and instrumentation are fairly thick and varied, so there’s always something to fill any silent moments – it makes for a great bit of sound to sit back and relax to. Stir in a little of the artist’s character and expression and the track makes for something both nostalgic, in a comforting, enjoyable way, and fresh.

The track appears as much more of a soundscape than a song, especially in terms of structure. The music is gentle but intense; it builds, without getting noisy. The story unfolds, the poetry of it soaks into you, the hypnotic looping of those instruments and that relaxed, calming, almost powerful vocal performance makes for a mind altering few minutes.

It’s a beautiful piece of music that really requires you to take the time out to just sit back and experience it. The whole thing enhances the effects superbly, with its equally natural simplicity, a slightly jarred reality expressed through minimal visual effects – as a complete piece of art it’s an incredibly well crafted release.

The great thing is that while the song does maintain the basic elements of hip-hop and rap, so as to pull in the right kind of audience in the beginning, it also offers up something more intense; faster, creatively independent, with a huge collection of lyrics and an unquestionable amount of character embedded in the performance. The music is so beautiful that at first it’s not really the lyrics that are picked up on from the rap performance, the vocal flow is so fast that many of these fly by in a little bit of a haze, but the beauty of the music means that this isn’t a negative at all – you’re highly likely to listen again.

The lyrics and the melody alone are captivating enough to intrigue with thoughts of an audio version, expresses great strength – it stands out, grabs your attention, and makes you remember every moment.

This song is about a villain taking on the role of a hero for a life style of praise, wealth, and power. I wrote this song in inspiration to what’s going on in social media, and how it effects our society concerning the world through my perspective” The Heroes are being silenced as the villains mark them as they’re taking on the roles of the heroes “.

The purpose of this song is to encourage everyone to break silence and take a righteous stand against the real villains pretending to be heroes of our society!

In this perspective (Taking The Reins) is met to paint a clear picture of what the villains both look and sound like as we stand by and watch them.

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