Another most delicate, awesome, and amazing track is waiting for you to enjoy. Ingmar

Is a well-talented and young artist who is from Estonia. This amazing soul always believes in music and the same could change his life without a doubt. Ingmar has recently released his single “Take it All” to all the beloved audiences around the world.

Nicely produced and presented, with a different and unique touch throughout the track.  “Take it All” is a stylishly uniting colorful, dreamy & detailed soundscapes with a surprisingly intimate feel as well. Ingmar is a 17 years old amazing artist and he knew from the beginning that music is his passion. He has been playing classical and pop violin for almost 11 years and having a true desire towards music Ingmar has decided to write and sing his own music. 

Creatively pure and beautifully colorful, The whole thing feels like a little piece of theatre. Ingmar did the video for this amazing track and you won’t be able to take your eyes away when you witness the same. This is one of the smooth productions, Beginning with the beautifully uplifting, energizing pop offering that is Pour It On as well. 

Another powerful voice, fascinating songwriting always add a true color to this amazing track altogether. It’s immediately easy to escape into the sound, Really well done, and refreshing your mind at the same time too.Take it All” will be a powerful gift for all Pop music lovers and stay tuned with Ingmar to witness his more work in the future. 

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