ODDYSSY is another awesome, well-talented artist who is from Maryland. “SURVIVE” is his recently released track to all the audience out there. This is the kind of song that really just draws your attention to the skillful songwriting that exists and even thrives just below the mainstream radar. It will be more than worth your while to dive headfirst into the musical catalog of ODDYSSY.

The track has great energy once it kicks in. There’s a very classic Hip Hop feel to the song. Structurally the song has a lot going for it. The verses pull you in well, the hook holds your attention, then the middle eight breaks off and away in some unexpected direction – melodically and rhythmically – which is brilliant. This awesome soul has utilized his own creativity in more ways than one, and so not only are the musical performances all well executed and all doused in just a little bit of that crucial personality, but there’s also originality in the way the song itself develops and changes.

The song is sublime, and really the feeling increases as the whole thing progresses. It’s an effortless recording in many ways, but the strength of it is that there is so much space within which to absorb the imagery and the concept of the track. The lyrics are kept to a minimum, there are only so many lines, but each one has been chosen and placed within the walls of the track with great care. It’s poetry to listen to, and the simple descending loop behind all of it has a hypnotic warmth – the sort that is easy to get into, but also refreshingly honest and organic in nature. The instrumentation has a realness about it that effectively reflects the openness and character of the two leading voices and the ideas that they present to listeners.

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