Supe Dupe sets the tone and impresses with this brand new single, SUPER, with refreshingly innovative bars that flow through with a humble, hip hop-Esque yet soothing delivery.

In a matter of seconds, Supe Dupe establishes a connection with these bars and the variety of rhythms that stream through as the three-and-a-half-minute music briefly but boldly makes its impression.

Furthermore, the song is easy to fall in love with — it has essential friendly vibes, is delicate and dreamlike, is uplifting and happy, and is simple to enjoy. 

The smooth groove of the soundscape contrasts with the increasing vigor and intricacy of the vocal in a gripping way. Such that you become lost within the cheerful mood of the music while being compelled by the eternal outpouring of imagery and reflections on the subject.

Taking the lead with a unique and organic, airy musicality, SUPER is delightfully up-front vocally, and the track rapidly establishes an anthem-like, modern vibe with its irresistible rhythms and accompanying visuals to back things up. 

SUPER makes easy work of engaging its listeners, a feat that speaks much about the artist’s artistically humble yet lyrically assured, fascinating style as well as the future composition. 

At almost three minutes thirty seconds, there is no room or need for filler; just the bars, the riffs, and the hook are essential to complete the song. Whenever the live events resume, this one will probably be well received.

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