“Sunrise” by “Chosan & Michelle Tabot”  is an incredible piece of music, writing, and performance to all the audience out there. The opening ambiance has a certain addictive nature to it, right from the offset the soundscape appeals for its uncommon musicality – those flickers of Hip hop soundscape, The awesome music as well. Soon after, the first leading voice to emerge offers gentle emotion, gravel, grit, and a totally hypnotic story. The way the melody has been composed allows for these long-tail lyrics to really surround you and pull you further and further into the core of the song.

The melody works well in carrying the lyrics through in a way that makes certain you notice them. The verses are short and bring together a few select notes, rising at the end of each group of phrases to recapture any wandering minds – simple and effective; another classic trait of authentic hip hop music. The hook has an equally simple yet easily memorable melody about it. That sense of resolve runs deep, and that’s what works about it – the questions are over, the answer arrives, the song feels like it finds its way; thus inspiring its audience and leading them to believe they’ll find theirs too.

Later on you get the full melody, delivered by a smooth and mighty vocal performance, the seductive and incredibly impressive instrumental performance – a key factor in making this shine so brightly – and of course, finally, the immense drop; that moment at which the anticipation is met and everything smashes on to the stage to lift you even higher.

On top of everything, the voices that drive the central ideas of the song to add so much in the way of character and contrast, and meaning. The sung vocal has a lighter nature to it, almost energetic and floating way up there at the higher end of the musical spectrum. The rap vocal brings a male perspective to the scene and adds a further dynamic, increasing the mightiness of the structure and helping that inherent sense of possibility and togetherness really shine. There’s also a distinctly compelling break away from all of this, a change in language and pace, a change in the mood of the soundscape. Again, this adds so much that keeps you entranced. It’s a huge track, it makes sense as a Chosan & Michelle Tabot release as it has their creativity written all over it, but it’s also incredibly fresh and energizing to listen to.

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