Mellow good vibes and simple layers of production unite for this soulful yet easy-going new release from Luvmatt. This young soul is an Independent music artist from a small town in Indiana. He started making music at the age of 13 But started to actually get serious about music at the age of 16. Not just music but he is also a big gamer and anime fan. Naruto Shippuden & My Hero Academia are his favorite shows. He is compared to Izuku Midoriya aka Deku from My Hero Academia.

Kick Back has over 65 thousand streams and has helped make Luvmatt more known for his Punk Rap flow. His single “under the lights” has reached over 170 thousand streams on Spotify, and showcases his style of Alternative Emo HipHop.

“Sunny Day” is his recently released single with a unique touch all over the track. Creatively explorative in sound design yet comfortingly familiar in vocal clarity and melodic progression as well. SUNNY DAY has its first feature with JUMEX. Superb musicianship really lights up the arrangement, making this post-three-minute single one of the most refreshing yet also nostalgic to emerge so far this year.

Even though Luvmatt is a young artist, he knows what he is capable of and he knows how to approach the audience in a nicer manner through his awesome music. Without a doubt, this is a great production, creative and spacious, loaded with character and furthering the catchy rhythm all over the track. 

We really hope Luvmatt will come back to his audience with great tracks as “Sunny Day ” and you can follow him through Spotify to witness his more future work soon.

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