When it comes to music it is a vast area and there are so many talented artists around the world. NOCAP3 is also one of the most talented young souls who are from Dubai. He is a magnificent music producer and “No Love” is a freshly released remix by NOCAP3 to all the audience out there. This track was originally released by Summer Walker ft SZA and NOCAP3 has done a magnificent job by releasing this track with a unique touch of his own. 

It’s a beautiful piece of music that really requires you to take the time out to just sit back and experience it. The accompanying audio enhances the effects superbly, with its equally natural simplicity, a slightly jarred reality expressed through awesome vocals and tune effects – as a complete piece of art it’s an incredibly well-crafted release.

The music has the potential to leave you feeling a little like something is missing from your life once the track has stopped. This effect is quite rare, and it’s a great one to have on an audience – inflicting upon listeners this undeniable desire to press play once again. There’s a feeling of safety in the sound, a comforting warmth that surrounds you as well.

You can hear a range of different influences in the song that make you really appreciate this kind of production. This whole thing captures your heart, the melody holds you in its warm arms, and of course the alternative, hugely expressive performance of instruments and added effects; not to mention the thought-provoking lyricism. There is a lot to appreciate about this few minutes of music, and the lasting effect of this is that you’re likely to come back and listen to it several times – probably seeking out more music from NOCAP3 soon afterwards.

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