‘ Suicide Doors,’ Henrock’s latest release, is an explosive and multi-layered piece of hip-hop music that deals with exactly what the title suggests. This single is all done with an infectiously upbeat and captivating flair, however.

Henry Todd Favers II, son of Grace Kennedy and Henry Favers Sr., was born on February 26th, 1996, in York, Pennsylvania. Henrock is a Hip Hop musician whose music is geared toward a younger audience and the club scene. 

Henrock’s music is available on a variety of internet music sites, including Spotify, iTunes, and YouTube. Henrock’s music breathes new vitality into the Hip Hop culture by reviving the dance floor.

“Suicide Doors” is a structurally intriguing and hard-hitting piece of music that feels like a throwback to a simpler time. In the same way, Henrock’s incorporation of passion and strength into the delivery – the vocal being the primary driving factor and evolution control throughout – gives a new style and feeling of character.

While great vibes and dramatic beats continue to emerge throughout the song, Henrock’s intensity also grows more striking as he strikes a delicate balance between personal storytelling and detail. “Suicide Doors” is an enthralling piece, with a haunting riff supporting a profoundly insightful, controversial string of lyrics, and it’s worth checking out.


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