“Dirache” takes on a smooth and lightly dark Afrobeat for Sugar Cane”, laying upon it his own unique style of lyricism and performance – the likes of which teeter somewhere between rap and melody. The track feels like a retro “Afrobeat”  release at first, the hook introduces things, and as the track grows the story-line and concept become a little clearer.

The soundscape on this release is really interesting, the use of the repeated lyric presented by means of a chant adds to this overall feeling of there being some sort of initiation or secret ceremony in motion. The depth and pride of the leading voice really adds something that makes you feel involved, it makes it all seem relatable, so you listen to the words, you consider the universal aspects on display, and you notice every single beat and sample that passes by. It’s a striking piece of music, artistic as ever but also cleverly entertaining in a new and currently incomparable way. This is nothing like Dirache ’s previous releases, and yet, at the same time, it’s soaked in the very same creative freedom and other worldly levels of inspiration.

For the most part the song feels like a freestyle, a single moment of expression – particularly the final verse. The way in which the hook is presented has a definite tune of something memorable about it; you recognise this each time, there’s something quite haunting and recognisable about the notes chosen and the vocal performance style at this moment. The delivery is confident, to the point of offering up a sense of swagger on occasion. This continues throughout the close to four minute long single. This meeting of the spoken word and the melodic evolves into a literal back and forth between the two, so you get the attitude of creatively free, street-style hip hop, as well as a touch of something mildly theatrical and characterful. The more you listen, the more that Hot Dizzy approach to vocal performance and story-telling sinks in as his.
There’s a touch of ongoing contrast throughout the piece in that that backing track continues on the same trajectory at all times, only the beat itself pauses intermittently. This helps keep a constant in among the soundscape, a smoothness that stays the same, and all the while the free-flowing, outpouring of the lyrics and the changing melody creates a completely different force of energy and personality. Meanwhile the artist returns to that hook every time, keeping the thread alive. The concept definitely offers hip hop and Afrobeat fans a touch of insight into the life of the artist.

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