Unbelievably energetic song from the very beginning, Stranger Love is a perfect song for your next party.

L.A. bliss is a pop artist from the Los Angles area. L.A. Bliss is the stage name of Lisa Chambliss. Growing up being called L.A. (Lisa Anne) by her father & with Bliss being a play on Chambliss, this alter-ego is Lisa’s way of expressing herself the best way she knows how; through music. Having a really struggled past, L.A. Bliss want to share her story with the world through her music. With music that seeks to inspire, take risks, & heal others, L.A. Bliss is seeking out to let her listeners know they aren’t alone. Her music strives to help anyone who listens leave with an open heart & eagerness for what’s ahead.

L.A.Bliss opens up her stunning vocals at the beginning of the song, giving sudden energy to the listener. Her singing style reminded us of 90’s pop artists who had total energy and enthusiasm and liked it a lot. Flawless lyrics gives this song an extra shine, and the guitar tone, computerized synths, and the drumbeat that build up drops in and falls away throughout the song beautifully magnificently highlight the vocals. Stranger Love truly is a perfect song to find the energy you lost during a busy day or a beautiful dance party night.

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