J is an accomplished musician from the UK. Having a true soul and passion for music, always wanting to do something better yet different in the music industry. “STONE HEART” is a captivating track done by “J” with vocals and lyrics that hit home.

As the audience, you’ll immediately fall for the guitar work in this song from the moment the music begins. Before you know the story before you can skip ahead to form any expectations. The nylon string guitar overlayed with the lead adds a great contrast to the sound, with a softness yet a true rock / blues grit and expression, followed soon after by a voice that captures the passion and the overall feel of the music.

Time to give you that much-needed dose of gravelly, beautiful rawness you so frequently crave. One of those songs that hits the mark with a simplicity that amplifies its feel. The vocals have a raw energy that expresses the human emotion of someone who has lived in a depressive or controlling relationship.

This is, by all accounts, the essence of what is true music– the storytelling, the truth, the altruistic artistry of an observer. The lyrics are cleverly devised with a realism that almost hurts, and it is passionately presented through the power of the vocals – nothing is forced to fit where it doesn’t, everything just is, and it works. Also an original feel to the lead guitar, and supporting all of this – a unique and raw singing voice that welcomes you into the song.

“Stone heart” clearly shows us the power of music and “J” is clearly clever to bring something like this to his beloved audience as well. No matter what this is a great track that many can relate to and you will be listening to this over and over.

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