Deligah Grier, together with Allen Stillwell, takes a mere three minutes and thirty-four seconds to leave his mark with this striking single “Stomp.” The track hits hard simply and effectively, using a spacious yet bold soundscape and a confident, flawlessly rhythmic vocal line.

DAHGRILDER Music and its founder, Deligah, are best known as a local Atlanta rapper and producer. In 2019, DAHGRILDER Podcast Show was created by DAHGRILDER Music and its inventor, Deligah. He was impacted by his mother’s memory and her death. Deligah developed an opinion on his society, culture, and the misinformation spread by the media. Taking as thematic inspiration those recollections of homelessness, difficulties, and growing up in Atlanta and Columbus, GA.

After years in the music industry, Deligah stepped away from it all, only to return with a fresh passion for Podcast Talk and a desire to engage, inspire, inform, and motivate people throughout the musical spectrum and the world of podcasting.

Deligah’s trademark style of Podcast Talk became synonymous with deviating from the usual by using a broad array of background music and compositions for a podcast episode. The New Era Of Podcast Talk is on the rise, and nothing can stop it.

A combination of musical delicacy with a quick flow and some tremendously excellent lyricism can be found on Deligah Grier’s most recent single. His voice has personality from the start, and he starts with a string of lyrics far from the majority of current rap releases in the mainstream, which is refreshing.

Later on, as the work progresses, the energy levels fluctuate a little bit more. But you still get consistency — specific threads of identification help the music connect and maintain your attention and assist Deligah Grier in making a reputation for himself in a single fluid stroke.

The music that plays throughout this track is a pleasure to have played in the background. While doing so, Deligah Grier and Allen Stillwell deliver a subdued vocal performance that is quietly confident and impeccably rhythmic. Their words become increasingly familiar to the listener throughout the music as it progresses.

“Stomp” has a substantial impact on a large number of music enthusiasts from all genres. It is a song that everybody, regardless of musical taste, can hear, understand, and be moved by – the true mark of a masterpiece in any genre.

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