A tasteful throwback beat meets a distinctively raspy and rhythmic vocal on this newest single from hip hop’s Kenny Rockets

Kenny Rockets is an emerging independent artist from Oak Cliff (the southern part of Dallas, Tx). Kenny Rockets, who has spent his entire life surrounded by music, has taken his talent seriously and is now creating his own chart-topping music. Kenny’s voice is unique, with a contemporary southern flow that makes us feel good about ourselves.

Kenny Rockets is aware of the actual world around him while communicating his honest beliefs through his music, as well as being heavily active in the visual process. Kenny Rockets is a newbie to the music industry, but he plans to make a name for himself in the near future.

The soundtrack “Stiff Cliff” in particular draws you from the start, with its sharp and clear finish blending perfectly with those classic nuances and layers that transport you to a simpler time. In the same way, the synthesizers and beats that occur intermittently throughout have a distinct air of originality — good production aids in the creation of something ever-evolving and always intriguing.

Stiff Cliff‘ is brilliantly crafted, with the vocal benefiting from a heavy mix of wet and dry signal, allowing you to focus upon these lines. 

Kenny Rockets and Dee Dee Warbucks collaborate on some masterfully sung unison voices that enticingly span an octave. And lead us irresistibly into an ambient finale; it creeps up on us far too quickly, concluding somewhat forcefully to make us press the repeat button.

As the track progresses, Kenny Rockets and Dee Dee Warbucks move with an increasingly intentional style of lyricism, impressing far more during the latter half thanks to clever wordplay and having undoubtedly found their flow and purpose with this track. 

The song’s hook rings louder now, painting a clearer picture of the artists as having as much of a grasp of metaphor as of the whole modern sound and relevant referencing.

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