DJKRX’s latest summer anthem has tropical sound-play and traditional dance-pop vocals that merge passionate devotion with dreamy, ethereal depth.

Stay In This Moment brilliantly reflects the lyrics’ premise, depicting our protagonist’s need for escapism and embracing the dance floor – letting go of the weight of the world and becoming engaged at the moment as it happens.

DJKRX is a 20-year-old producer and songwriter from Latvia. He released his first track, “Oysters&Champagne,” in 2016 and has since played a few DJ gigs. He has no formal music education but went to Latvijas Radio Pieci LV’s young DJ school. His genres of choice are future house, bass house, and EDM.

DJKRX’s music is high-energy and perfect for dancing. His tracks are often built around a catchy hook or melody, making them instantly memorable and addictive. If you’re looking for something new to add to your party playlist, look no further than DJKRX.

Stay In This Moment kicks things off with retro dance flavors and a catchy melody, and the music expertly blends house music rhythms and synths with immaculate pop structuring and wonderful use of contrast from verse to hook. Throughout an addictively uplifting beat, a uniquely expressive, delicate yet vibrant female vocal meanders with identity and presence.

Stay In This Moment, ultimately a song of tremendous intellectual depth juxtaposes its own sense of insecurity with a ferociously captivating, dance-ready production thread. This mix of melody, rhythm, accuracy, and purpose results in a song that resonates for its honesty as much as the pure escapism of the soundscape.

It’s easy to get lost in DJKRX’s music, and that’s exactly what he wants.

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