METALDRIVE is a one-man-band experience from Utah with a unique sound for the rock and metal world with songs and lyrics created to make you think deeper about what your place is in your life and the value of what is inside your being. This amazing soul is from Utah USA and always brings down the best unique music to the audience out there. “STAY ALIVE” is one of the mind-blowing tracks in recent pasts and Tony Burgess has done a magnificent video for the same. The whole scenario is unique, meaningful, and attractive. The significant fact is this track will give a good message to the audience in a positive way. 

The track’s melody, flow, the vibe is on point, the energy is kept at a fairly hyped level though with an underlying, easy-going musical vibe. Lyrically there’s a touch of darkness on occasion, largely due to the unquestionable truth the artist presents his audience with. Real-life is reflected within the verses, and then return to the hook keeps that uplifting element ever-present and powerful. 

The hook and in fact the overall ambiance of the track pays something of a tribute to classic Heavy Metal from way back when. There’s a subtle touch of organic musicianship to the beat, not overusing electronic samples or aiming too carelessly with the creative mixing. The track is humble, but it hits with strength, and the artist’s leading voice and flow throughout is the sort that will bring fans of real Heavy Metal back again and again.

The artist presents a fusion of personal experience and accessible content – some of it unique to him, some of it relevant to many.  The hook section in particular makes for a track that will have a lasting effect and hopefully bring listeners back for a repeat listen at times when motivation is lacking. Any music that reminds you to seize the moment, to take the opportunity as it comes, to do the right thing, and not simply follow the crowd, is going to resonate with those looking to better themselves or make it through a tough time. 

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