METALDRIVE, a one-man-band artist, returns with a terrific release to start the new year. “STAY ALIVE,” the first single off his latest EP, is a massively strong and energetic Rock and Heavy Metal song that successfully filters out everything else around you for the duration of your listening – the level of escapism is intense.

Tony Burgess, also known as METALDRIVE, is a one-man-band artist from Utah with a unique sound for the rock and metal world with songs and lyrics created to make you think deeper about your place in your life and the value of what is inside your being.

“STAY ALIVE” combines the attitude of Rock and Heavy Metal with a melodically addictive backbone and concept that draws the listener in closer, from the guitar sound to the explosion of drums and the growing roar of the vocal.

“STAY ALIVE” reintroduces the classic Rock and Metal storytelling edge, injecting new riffs and aggressive structural adjustments throughout its riveting tale. It also contains an excellent guitar performance paired with an uprising drum work.

Whether the occasion includes long, drawn-out notes for a passionate call or faster riffs and smashing percussion plus storytelling details, the song delivers it in a creative and authentically fresh way. So, while the setup is familiar, the progression is different, and the artist has achieved that balance. Further artist’s intention is to thank everyone who serves to keep us alive through this remarkable video.  

The single strikes with every piece of intention and inspiration, which finally work in conjunction with the explosive power of the instrumental and the vocal, and it stays loyal to the unmistakable sense of purpose at the core of every METALDRIVE release.

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