“Stand by Me” is undeniably one of the best hip-hop tracks to have emerged this year. The way Redrum, the trending unsigned artist, writes and performs and the way this particular soundscape flows through are consistently stunning.

On “Stand by Me,” Redrum drives with a quickly impressive vocal style and rap flow. A somewhat dark aura emerges from the start, accompanied simply by a fairly minimalist yet traditional hip-hop beat. It’s up to Redrum to generate a sense of energy and movement within all of that — a challenge he excels at.

Redrum takes the lead with a bold, expressive vocal style that dependably conveys the underlying emotion of each bar. The flow or delivery is adequate whether the moment is melodic or rapped.

The piece often flows, tipping its hat to the more well-known legends of yesteryear. Meanwhile, the music floats on by, those unexpectedly mild riffs echoing around the edges, producing a wonderfully surreal environment that really entrances you and makes the artist’s voice and lyrics connect a little more intensely.

Almost two minutes of minor theatrics keep your attention from start to end as the tune advances. The attention to detail and the interest with which Redrum displays all of this work well together. The melancholy feeling makes you want to listen. It intrigues. While his performance has a laid-back attitude – there’s still something noticeably passionate about it, depending on the time required.

“Stand by Me” is a memorable and rapidly addictive song with some robust mainstream features – as well as a lot that feeds into Redrum’s sense of personality and character.

“Stand by Me” undoubtedly gets better and better as it moves along. Redrum has a unique voice that’s likely to work in his favor over time.

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