Stunning musicianship and similarly delicate, emotive RnB flavored soul vocals lead us tenderly into the arms of Canadian singer and producer Soche’s melodic and energetic “Spells.”

Soche is a singer and producer from Canada who was born just outside of Toronto. She picked up her first Macbook during her high school years in Dubai, UAE, discovered Garageband and embarked on a musical journey that has only grown stronger. On the other side of the world, days and nights were spent composing beats, writing, and recording. Music took a back seat to film production after returning to Toronto, eventually relocating to Los Angeles, near Orange County.

Soche’s style reflects her genuine, relatable lyricism in a hard-hitting, atmospheric setting, influenced by a dual passion for beat production and her upbringing in a dance music-heavy world. Her vocals float over self-produced sounds, shifting between high and low tones to maximize each moment. Her music is a diverse palette with something for everyone, based on inner dialogue and propelled by instinct.

The release’s raw and honest presentation helps to boost it right away, but what’s even better is the progression’s flexibility. As the story progresses, the melody transforms, tiny strings and nuances reveal building emotion, and singers enter for that truly soulful, nostalgic feel reminiscent of legends from a bygone period.

Soche’s “Spells” is an unexpectedly exciting and sincere take on sound design and passionate writing, expertly created and genuinely artistic in the process.

The vocals are flawless, gently hypnotizing as they wander through the song’s many stages. Meanwhile, the general vibe continues to reach out, causing the mind to wander and wash away the burdens of the outer world.

Stunning, well crafted, from the heart yet stylish and totally worthy of a modern audience, especially given the authentic feel of pure RnB and soul.

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