Sound of Math from Belgium has struck gold with his current Alternative rock track, “Mirrors,” both musically and in terms of performance, as well as the songwriting itself and its sensitivity at this moment.

The song comes into the room with cascading guitars and makes extensive use of contrast. This is quickly followed by a total return to fullness, as delicate, expressive, and emotive vocals guide us through a poetic storyline that intrigues and connects due to its intimate sense.

Musically stunning, the single continues to make and break its own structural conventions, impressing for both its aesthetic sense of freedom and its songwriting edge of identity, as well as the equal character found in the lead singer.

The music employs juxtaposition to a rather aggressive degree, offering as much in the way of distorted rhythms and guitar licks as it does lyrical jewels that rapidly connect.

Brilliant, a high-volume, high-octane blast of classic Alt-rock intensity with a raw, current edge of new material and performance. Precisely what the scene requires right now.

This notion is repeated in the song, which features beautifully authentic, passionate voices. In between these moments, we’re given snippets of concepts and references, all of which are intriguing and clearly personal to the vocalist but which are ultimately generic enough to apply to any situations, to humanity in general.

A powerful song that is brilliantly unique and expertly delivered. Despite the fact that there is a lot going on, these organic layers and the simple melodic progression keep the attention on the theme and mood in a surprisingly genuine way. Here, originality and innovation flourish. That opening riff sticks with you long after you’ve heard it. A fantastic start that bodes well for the future.


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