Prepare to be spellbound as Phantom Frost teams up with GG to deliver their scintillating hit, “Sosa Trigga”. Hailing from Monroe, LA, this dynamic duo ignites the rap and trap scene with their infectious melodies and lyrical finesse.

“Sosa Trigga” is a masterful blend of catchy rap and trap, featuring captivating beats that pulsate with raw energy, seamlessly complementing the artists’ fiery verses. Phantom Frost’s visionary composition brings forth a magnetic soundscape, conjuring an aura of mesmerizing allure that echoes long after the last note fades.

Together with GG’s evocative vocal prowess, “Sosa Trigga” becomes a chart-topping sensation that leaves listeners craving more. Embrace the hypnotic rhythm of “Sosa Trigga” and witness the artistry of Phantom Frost and GG, as they redefine the essence of captivating rap and trap.

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