From the heart of France, acclaimed jazz singer and composer Sophie J. Posey releases a tantalising symphony, ‘The Best Time of My Life’, on YouTube. A captivating blend of Posey’s 16 years of piano expertise, rich jazz influences, and world, folk, and rock music amalgamations—this composition emanates a nostalgic allure.

‘The Best Time of My Life’ is an aural odyssey that effortlessly encapsulates the listener in an ethereal canvas of memories. Posey’s sophisticated piano melodies and sultry vocals harmonise to conjure an exquisite jazz soundscape, brimming with emotion and reverie.

As an indie composer and jazz singer, Posey’s versatility shines through her music, making each song a unique narrative to explore. Her new release amplifies her multi-dimensional approach to jazz and expands the horizons of the genre

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