From Spanish flavors to afrobeat rhythms, Natalis’ Spanish cover of “Somebody’s Son” is an emerging cover song that is uniquely innovative, appealing, and colorful, and it pulls you along with alternative good vibes the whole way.

Natalis Ruby Rubero hails from the Bronx, New York, and is a multi-platinum selling, Billboard-charting singer-songwriter. Now a Grammy® Voting Member who has been a part of many Grammy® Nominated projects. Natalis confesses that her formative years were spent with her grandparents on La Isla Del Encanto (Puerto Rico) and with her mother and father on the Lower East Side.

When she lost both her maternal grandparents and her father, all of whom were musicians, her love for music grew even more substantial. Natalis’ heavenly voice can now be heard on J. Cole’s platinum-selling album Born Sinner (Roc Nation) and Kanye West’s Yeezus (Def Jam), as well as singing lead on the anthem of the computer-animated TV series Bratz “Rock Angelz” (Hip-O Universal). 

Eleni Foureira, the 2018 Eurovision runner-up, also used her pen on the international double-platinum smash “Fuego (Spanish Version).” She most recently had two songs on Lifetime’s Wendy Williams: The Movie, which was the most-watched biopic of 2021 (“Suddenly” and “How You Doing?”).

As the Spanish cover of “Somebody’s Son” tastefully fills the room, world music vibes meet perfect rhythm and unity. There’s outstanding musicianship on every level. The overall journey manages to captivate and entertain listeners at every turn – with thoughtful structure emerging in place of lyrical to create an experience that’s both captivating and not overpowering.

Those that hit with a bit more vigor and bounce are perfectly paired with those who pause. Once again, you’ll notice a high level of musical skill and thought in the myriad nuances and details found here.

There are several levels of rhythm and color as well as diverse instruments and detailed nuances raining down around the listener on Natalis’ latest Spanish cover of “Somebody’s Son,” which retains the good beachy vibes at the foreground.

This is yet another outstanding cover, which is becoming progressively peppy while still retaining a high level of distinctiveness, resulting in a terrific escapism song unlike anything else you’ll hear this month.

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