J French is a rapper, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Oklahoma City like no other right now. The single, “SOLO,”  kicks off with a striking beat and an intense outpouring of lyricism, and throughout this new single, the caliber never falls below excellent.

J French, a rapper, multi-instrumentalist, and producer from Oklahoma City, has completed what appears to be a lifetime’s worth of music industry experience. Since crafting his first rhyme to Devin The Dude’s “Don’t Wait” at the age of 12, he has formed his own publishing company and collaborated with various rappers in the Oklahoma-Texas and Los Angeles scenes, including RC & The Gritz, Erykah Badu’s official band, and members of TDE. Despite everything, J French remains as cool as a cucumber. He rigorously sticks to a self-imposed necessity to create music from the soul. “I’m determined to be heard,” French says.

There’s a definite personality to the music, and it emanates confidence and flair – there’s no volume or weight here, just personality and drive, passion and purpose. The beat and overall ambiance of the song are enticing since they have an obvious and authentic link to modern hip hop.

The beat has greater weight and effect, and the rap flow is consequently more forceful — there’s volume here, and additional vocal fragments support the leading voice’s intensity.

The energy is higher, the song is vying for your attention, and it means what it says. The emotions are beautifully expressed, and there’s a sense of assurance and attitude to the whole thing that complements the vibrant soundscape.

Expect the same level of expertise and personality in the future. This approach to songwriting, and indeed to hip hop, is both surprisingly aesthetic and fulfilling.

The genre does not constrain but instead provides a runway from which dedicated and skilled artists can fly into any genre of music.

This song is an excellent example of an ambient and engaging piece of music with a superbly rhythmic vocal performance and storyline running alongside. 

J French’s “SOLO” is a stunning release, absolutely worth the time it takes to listen.

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