“Smooth Operator” is beautifully produced, with the vocalist enjoying a solid mix of both wet and dry impulses. You really get to dwell on the lines. Mr. Juse, Piff Habanero, and Main Flow partner up in some expert unison voices, which span an octave in an enticing rhythm and lead us seductively toward an ethereal ending

Mr. Juse is a signed member of the All Bay Music label and distributed through Empire. He is also a Diff Dope Music member and 1/3 of the hip hop group Fort Knocks. Good vibes, good friends, good food, good times are what Mr. Juse is about.

This latest release by hip hop’s Mr. Juse, Piff Habanero, and Main Flow, a beautiful throwback groove, meet wonderfully raspy and rhythmic vocals. The soundscape, in particular, captures you right away.

The sharp and clear finish complements the traditional elements and layers that carry you back through time. Similarly, the synths and snippets that appear intermittently throughout provide a distinct feeling of originality – strong production contributes to the crafting of something constantly evolving and interesting.

Following that, the vocal evolves on a more recognizable and somewhat more unique form, thus tipping its hat to today’s hip-hop landscape’s overall sound. 

Still, the tempo keeps things interesting. The music that washes over you as it progresses does an excellent job of making sense of calm, which contrasts nicely with the vocalists’ rhythm and outspoken attitude.

“Smooth Operator” is a genuinely excellent new hip hop music, one that seems firmly entrenched in the genre’s past while also discreetly introducing contemporary and focused artists with a firm grasp of the medium.

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