A long-time pianist, musician, and performer – Musicphrase sweeps away the weight of the world with his gently expressive, passionate, and brilliant musicality, notably on this magnificent yet simplistically lovely new single titled “Smooth Jazz Piano Background Music.”

Musicphrase is a composer and musician working in smooth jazz, contemporary jazz, and solo piano. His tunes appeared among others on Marek Niedźwiecki’s broadcasts: “Smooth Jazz Cafe,” on Radio Katowice, Tv Katowice. In 2002-2008 he performed the piano with the band “Anti Babylon System” – 2008 release of the album “Light.” In 2009-10 he played in the band he founded: Soulcafe – songwriter, musician. As a composer, he has collaborated with such artists as: Patrycja Gola, Małgorzata Orczyk, Matheus Luna (Brazil), Fernadno Amaral (Brazil), Mariko Endo (Japan), and Kunie Solomon Omogbemi (Nigeria) (Nigeria).

Recently, “Katowice Musical Landscape” – Katowice City Prize “Lokata w Kultury” (2020) and a music project: under the scholarship of the Minister of Culture and National Heritage: New Interpretations of Polish Melodies – Polish Melodies Again. (2020). 

A calm piano lead and building passion make up the minimalist composition and deliver a rapidly expressive progression – one that allows the mind to wander. At the same time, the body slips into a powerful state of relaxation.

Musicphrase demonstrates a fine ear for original compositions, an apparent capacity to present the changing vitality and emotions of a classical music journey – the softer moments, the mellower, more relaxing ones – and a deep sense of artistic identity by following the notes of the progression in a hypnotically smooth and wave-like manner.

He is always an expert of both the technical and artistic components of his work, “Musicphrase” propels with yet another speciously pleasing but primary and engaging chord sequence and melody. 

The mood created is that of tranquility, quiet, and amazement. You can envision this as the dream it aims to be, and it accompanies the listener’s own specific dreams or memories in a powerful and delightfully serene way.

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