Who needs coffee or a Red Bull when you can “Energize” with drum & bass?

Canada-based, Australia-bred DJ and producer Slynk has teamed up with budding Polish producer Beat Le Juice to deliver an invigorating drum & bass single. While both are best-known for their undeniably funky soundscapes, “Energize” is not a total departure from what their fans know and love.

“I love writing all styles and genres of music because I get to develop different areas of my production skills,” Slynk said in a recent Instagram comment. “It keeps things interesting and challenging for me. The music I’ve released this year alone cover glitch hop, disco, g-funk, boom-bap hip hop, trap/bounce, electro boogie and jump up drum and bass.” 

Out now by way of Westwood Recordings, “Energize” fuses Slynk’s unique signature of funk and glitch hop with Beat Le Juice’s celebrated passion for funky synth work, while simultaneously exploring new territory together.

Taking a closer listen, the tune begins with somewhat of an ethereal feel paired with a soft and subtle drum & bass beat. Before long, as if leveling up in a simulation, there is a sonic tone that chimes in as the frenetic drums take over, locking our attention.

You can listen to “Energize” below and find it on streaming platforms here.


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