On this new single, Rawan Chaya’s voice warms hearts. “Slide” has as many innovative and invigorating features as there are those that feel familiar and reassuring, thanks to a unique and straightforward, extraordinarily entertaining backdrop.

Rawan Chaya is a Los Angeles-based Lebanese-American singer/songwriter. She enjoys experimenting with several genres, with a particular fondness for Soul/R&B and Pop influenced by Eastern music, as evidenced by her voice and timbre. Rawan has performed at venues in Los Angeles, Washington, DC, Beirut, Germany, and more. She placed in the top ten of Universal Music Group’s Aloft competition and appeared on The Voice Arabia. Sia, Christina Aguilera, Amy Winehouse, and Arab superstar Fairuz are among her musical influences.

On this track, Rawan Chaya’s vocals are sweetly soulful. It combines a soulful undercurrent with a smooth R&B vibe. Her silky voice weaves its way through the song’s core dedication and loyalty, trying as hard as the words to entice and embrace the significant other. This influence, in turn, has an effect on the listener in a similar way.

The song begins with an instantly good flow of a light and uplifting beat. It then proceeds to captivate listeners with a quickly remembered and infectious hook and a subsequent sequence of melodies and a vocal line that proves increasingly unique and quite addictive to listen to.

The song’s hook is undeniably a significant selling factor — the usage of the somewhat mournful melody, collapsing at the end of the line amidst such a colorful and happy atmosphere, works well in luring you in and keeping you there once you’re there.

The soundtrack features a simple, minimalist arrangement that is easily identifiable. The production is excellent, and the first vocal hooks you with confidence and elegance.

“Slide” is a bright Pop and RnB fusion done with style, modern, and easy to get into, with a professionally captured video to reinforce the performers’ engaging vibes and inherent confidence.

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