CJ Winterz creates a unique soundtrack for this single SLIDE. The atmosphere is completely unique, combining a heavy and powerful beat that wanders in its own seemingly spontaneous manner with some old synths that sound a bit medieval in character.

Introduced to hip-hop by his friends and family, CJ Winterz is a 15-year-old rapper, singer, producer, and songwriter growing up on Toronto’s East end, Scarborough. CJ has had a love for music at a very young age. He has been noticed by many people and has worked with artists such as Lil Grayski, Lil Sabii & breezy. Inspired to achieve his goal of becoming a recording artist, CJ admires many talented individuals such as Lil Skies, Suigeneris, and Landon Cube. He is determined to show the world his talent and is very excited to release his long-awaited song “SLIDE.”

The tempo and the passion and power with which CJ Winterz delivers his verses have a refreshing yet loving vibe to them. Simultaneously, there are some fantastic moments of melody that really light up the outside edges and bring in a bit of hip hop/ Alternative that helps give the sound identity. 

All of this is superficial observation, but it provides the track with a tremendous mood — it feels proud, purposeful, self-aware, yet weighted with truth and possibilities. CJ Winterz demonstrates a particular sensitivity that is highly enticing to a remote audience.

SLIDE is music that is easy to get into and, more importantly, to recognize after hearing it even just once. On the other hand, the music has a laid-back vibe. 

Then there are the equally quick vocals, which solidly establish the song as one of the most recent releases in the genre as a whole. Although the track’s power builds gradually, rather than simply pouring through in an unbroken stream, the vocals are laid back and comfortable to listen to.

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