Nashville, TN – Sky Mercury has graced the world with her unique sound, a blend of dream-pop, retro-pop, and indie rock, that takes listeners on a musical journey unlike any other. Her debut EP “I” is a true work of art, showcasing Sky’s incredible songwriting and vocal abilities.

The EP features four self-penned tracks, each with its own message and emotion. “Wait,” one of the standout tracks on the EP, celebrates the friendships that have helped Sky through tough times, replacing the family that she lost. Its haunting melody and lush instrumentation make it an unforgettable track that will stay with you long after it ends.

Sky’s belief that every song contains a message is reflected throughout the EP, with each track conveying its own unique message to the listener. “Life is but a Dream” is a reminder that our interpretations shape our reality, while “Blind Foolish Love” is a spellbinding groove that captures the sensuality and passion of love and lust. The closing track, “Just Gotta Hold On,” is a tune of hope and possibility, reminding listeners to believe in their own power to overcome adversity.

Sky Mercury’s music is a true testament to her passion for pop-rock and her talent for creating captivating melodies and lyrics. With her debut EP, she has firmly established herself as an emerging artist to watch in the world of dream-pop and beyond. “I” is a must-listen for anyone who appreciates innovative, genre-bending music that speaks to the soul.

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