Skeletons are the brand new track from artist Syke E, featuring his awesome capacity and talent at the same time. Syke E is from Australia and he is an upcoming rapper. The featured vocal on the track has impressive strength and style to it that is perfectly in keeping with the sort of mood and melody expressed throughout. You get that hook in your mind straight away, it stays with you as well. 

Nicely produced and presented with a great vibe all over the track and as listeners, you might need to listen to this more than once for sure. For being a rapper and a Hip Hop artist, you have to be talented and capable for the same. And Syke E nicely delivered this track in an attractive way. The type of rap that Syke E offers up has a lot to it that is fairly fresh sounding. He’s not simply mimicking other artists and is not particularly reminiscent of anyone else at all – which is great; that voice is his, everything from the tone, the mellow yet deep performance style, and even the slight hint of an accent, you know who you’re listening to. 

Such a musically satisfying track with a unique touch all over the same. For artists who are just getting started, regardless of genre, one of the most important elements to have mastered and embedded in your approach is passion. Syke E exudes passion and drives with every word he performs, from the moment the music begins. This whole thing will please your ear, soul and this will be one of the favorite tracks for sure. 

Listen to it once, twice, ten times even – it doesn’t get old. We hope Syke E will come up with a great video for this awesome track in near future and stay tuned with him to witness more of his work as well. 

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